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The Professional Estate Organizer Program

Learn how to help and advise others faced with one of life's most complex and daunting tasks!

A Defining Role:

Help Others at an Important Time of Life

Gain Essential Knowledge
& Life Skills

  • Do you work in a position, or profession, where you care for, advise, or assist people?
  • Would you like to expand your care / help services?
  • Would you like to gain invaluable knowledge you could use in your community, at work, or for your family?
  • When faced with one of life's most difficult tasks, would you like to learn how to help others save time, stress, and anguish and in turn reduce their grief?

If you answered YES to any question above, READ ON!

This training program provides the knowledge for you to create an advisory / facilitator service helping and advising clients given their circumstances, how best to organize and pack up a loved one's possessions who has passed on or been moved into a care facility.

Expand Your Expertise

Expand Your Ability to Help Others in this Advisory Role

9 Reasons

Acting in a facilitator or advisory role only, there are growing and never ending demands in the market for a Professional Estate Organizer in essence an Estate Organizer Advisor.

More, now than ever:

  1. We live in a constantly changing world.
  2. The aging population continues to increase at a rapid pace.
  3. Soon more people will be over the age of 50 than under.

  4. People live longer and healthier lives.
  5. People live IN or come FROM different countries, unaware of the different rules and laws.
  6. More people, of all ages, live alone.
  7. Unexpected diseases, illnesses, and accidents occur.
  8. Technology is rapidly changing, and changing the way people live and think.
  9. People are starved for time and seek professional advice, in a variety of areas, to make their life simpler and easier.

Consequently, the above realities continue to encourage the growth of new businesses dealing with End of Life Matters, which refers to people of any age, be they seniors, boomers or younger.

This is why it's important to heed this fact, one day, each of us may be the only person who can pack up the life's possessions of another.

When that time occurs, it may well-be sudden and inconvenient.

While it's extremely important to know how to sort and pack up a person's life possessions properly, few people understand the organizational intricacies.

This Role & Task is NOT Like De-Cluttering or Moving House!

It is vastly different.

Incorrectly comparing it to de-cluttering or moving house, most people underestimate the enormous physical and emotional strain of dealing with end of life matters. As well, in relation to this task, issues exist today that did not 15 years ago - issues that cannot be ignored.

A Professional Estate Organizer Advisor can be an essential asset in any community to advise with this difficult, complex, and emotional task.

In a Time Poor Society

People Seek Your Help

Powerful Truths

When people are faced with sorting and packing up a loved one's home, they are:

  • Generally stricken with grief
  • Then due to lack knowledge of how to do the task
  • They experience intense fear, anguish, stress, and regrets
  • Plus their worries are so profound
  • They can't think or act clearly
  • They don't eat or exercise
  • They waste their limited time and
  • Waste precious possessions with the result
  • Their health suffers, and sometimes dramatically even for a long time plus
  • Their work or business suffers and
  • Frequently, families fall apart!

Why let that happen? There's no need! Not today!

People Cry Out for Help and Advice

You can help them!

The Professional Estate Organizer program provides detailed steps and comprehensive knowledge to perform this defining advisory role. This information is described in the 8 Modules.

As a PEO

You Can Provide Needed Insight

The Professional Estate Organizer Program

After completing the program, you will have...

  • The intricate details required to advise a client (given their circumstances) how to sort and pack up a loved one's entire life possessions, possibly gathered over 50+ plus years.
  • The Nuts & Bolts of estate organizing described in Modules 1-8.
  • The significance of mastering pre-preparation and organization
  • Checklists and plans needed for this advisory service
  • How to identify different markets for your PEO service
  • In addition, there are two optional modules on the topic of Public Relations and Marketing.

People look for effective, efficient, and sensitive professionals for their unique needs and situation. Professionals who can help alleviate and reduce the negative affects people always experience during and after closing the final chapter of a loved one's life.

This training will provide you with the knowledge required to set up your own estate organizing advisory service or it can be an added service to your existing "help" business.

Organisations, retirement and nursing homes, and mobile businesses (i.e. legal, financial) may choose to offer a PEO service. For entities such as these, if this appeals to you, please contact this office, as it is possible for a specific program to be tailored to your requirements.

You may be wondering and thinking...

"I'd love to do the program, but I don't think I'd have the right previous experience."

You don't need any previous experience. You simply need a genuine desire to help others.

If you previously worked in, or still occupy one of the following professions, then becoming a Professional Estate Organizer Advisor will definitely compliment and expand your skill set.

  • Nurses
  • Counsellors
  • Marriage & Funeral Civil Celebrants
  • Organizers
  • Carers & Aged Care Personnel
  • Wellness Practitioners
  • Life Coaches
  • Love of Helping Others

Just Remember

Lawyers and attorneys deal with the legalities, accountants the financial affairs, funeral directors deal with the physical body, celebrants with the funeral celebration and grief counselors help with grief. YET families and individuals are left to muddle their way through the packing up role and task, in addition to their other responsibilities, all while starved for time.

Until recently, no dedicated estate organizing program existed to train people to help, advise, and show others how to perform the role to suit their client's unique circumstances.

Module Overview

Start Your Own Rewarding PEO Advisory Service

The Professional Estate Organizer Program comprises of 8 modules. Each module runs approximately 35-55 minutes. Each session will be recorded and available to participants in a private student portal area. Here, you will be able to access and download the corresponding notes and other recommendations.

The information in each module will equip you with the knowledge required to provide advice to a client on the most efficient, effective, least stressful approach to the sorting and packing up task they face.

Module 1

Introduction to the Program - The Changing World & Why This Knowledge & Role is Needed

You will gain an overview of the world of organizing; Today's Reality as it relates to this topic; This Growing Market; Why This Role and Service Is Needed; Five important decisions you'll need to make in the role of an Estate Organizer Advisor. Observation and Presentation Skills; The Importance of Having a Distinct Niche and The Benefits of Being an Estate Organizer Advisor.

Module 2

The Intricacies & Issues of Society & Families Today

We'll show you a different side of Families & Society; the important issues about precious pets after all they are family. Other topics include the early packing up issues to be aware of and the ways you can help and advise others.

Module 3

Important Information To Know Be Aware Of & Understand

Understanding 7 Critical keys (including health issues) that will increase your value as an Estate Organizer Advisor. It's not about just knowing these 7 critical points but fully understanding them, so if your client, or the person you are helping, does not follow or understand them, then it's vital they are aware of the possible outcomes that may impact them.

Module 4

STEP 1 & 2 - The Intricacies & Importance of Organization & Pre-Preparation

At the end of this session you will understand the significance of these first two important steps of Organization and Pre-preparation of Setting Up and How To Create an Appropriate Action Plan, along with more Issues To Be Aware Of. You will learn how to Review and Assess Your Clients Situation & Needs. Above all, why this knowledge will add value to your important role.

Module 5

STEP 3 Organization - The Intricate Details of Sorting and Packing Up

Here you will be taken through detailed step-by-step Checklists and Action steps for a humble home or massive mansion. We all may think we know how to pack and move house, but you will learn the wrong way and right way to sort, pack & perform this special role and task. As well you will learn how you can save your client time, stress, angst and unnecessary expense.

Module 6

STEP 4 - Disbursal & The Process of Closing The Final Chapter

Finally the time has come for disbursal and distribution, but what is the best way to do that? Here you will learn the practical details involved with this step and gain an understanding of the best most sensitive, effective & efficient way, to handle the disbursal process and time.

Module 7

Your New Niche Estate Organizer Advisory Service

Understanding the significance of your important role & the services you can offer, fees & charges, understanding the Code of Conduct, ethics, permits, insurance, business needs for this service, even if you currently have a business.

Module 8

Putting all the Pieces Together

Includes an Introduction to Marketing & PR; learning how to identify and find your market; plus how you can promote your service; next steps, support, further programs and the future.

Throughout the PEO Program Modules 1-8 workbooks are included in the private Student Portal area, which each person needs to complete.

Public Relations & Marketing

Two Optional Modules

These are not included in the 8 Module Professional Estate Organiser Program as some people work for a large organization and may not require the information.

However others, who are in their own business, or who plan to start their own business, will or may require this practical and important information. As there is a small additional charge for these two optional Modules, they can be taken at any time during the overall program.

When you select to do the 2 optional PR Modules, the knowledge you will gain will enable you to apply in any business endeavour

After Completing All The Modules

Once you complete all 8 Modules, you can contact the program administrator to receive details on how to obtain one copy of each of the following books...

1. Estate Organizer Record Book of Your Life Matters

This is a very important book for every person to complete.

Book Description: Following the death of a loved one, the first most important task is to find all that person's important documents but invariably many can't be found. As a result of a major survey, taken in relation to packing up, one issue caused 95% of respondents unnecessary stress, anxiety, wasted time and in some cases considerable expense at a time when they were stricken with grief. The Problem: finding all the important documents.

Estate Organizer Record of Your Life Matters solves that. It is comprehensive, easy to use and covers a myriad of questions that relate to a person's life, and those important documents, which need to be all filed together, but rarely are. Divided into 11 different sections, this organizer allows a person to collate all theirs or a loved one's important documents, or at least record where they are stored. This is particularly important for people who live in or who are from different English speaking countries.

2. Closing The Final Chapter

Closing The Final Chapter is a companion book to those who participate in the Professional Estate Organizer Program. A world first and result of extensive research conducted by the author, Diana Todd-Banks, to close the major knowledge gap that exists on the topic.

People pass away every day, yet there has never been any definitive guide to help people with life's most daunting and difficult task people face every day - packing up a loved one's home and possessions, possibly collected over 40-65 years.

About Diana Todd-Banks

Founder of the PEO Program

Diana Todd-Banks

An International Best Selling Author, Accredited Meeting, Events, and Conference Organizer, Accredited PR Practitioner, Journalist and Lifestyle Mentor & Speaker. Diana's knowledge in the Estate Organizer business is extensive.

Having conducted large national online surveys about packing up and organizing, she received over 40,000 answers which after 2 years of extensive analysis, formed the basis of her first book, along with her own experience of moving house 53 times, and packing up many homes of loved ones, and clients' loved ones, who had died.

Combining all those experiences with her knowledge, Diana Todd-Banks established the Professional Estate Organizer training program.

Click here to find out more about Diana Todd-Banks


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Public Relations & Marketing
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Now that you have all the details, we look forward to your participation in gaining this very important knowledge that will greatly benefit you and your community.

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